We are excited to host our first ever offline event! This also happens to be an all-women event! 

As the recruiting season for next year’s opportunities kicks off, Xunjing Wu, Co-director of the MOSA Entrepreneurship and Jobs, sat down with three MCIT students who completed their spring/summer internships this year. She asked questions the student community sent to us in advance. We had three MCIT speakers:

Maggie Molen, Product Manager Intern at Plentify
Angela Patini, Software Engineer Intern at Atlassian 
Angela Wen, Software Engineer Intern at Lyft, Github, and Cockroach Labs

The video has two parts. The first part has two speakers: Maggie Molen and Angela Patini, both of whom covered their internship experiences and interview preparation steps. They shared some valuable insights from their journey as recent interns.The second part covers a follow-up interview with Angela Wen, who completed two internships and is currently working towards her third internship. If you are interested in finding out more about how she got the internships and prepared for her technical interviews, check out her informative webinar below: https://mosa.seas.upenn.edu/internship-search-webinar-december-2019/

We hope you find the videos helpful for your own search and preparation! Leave us comments and feedback in the #mosa-jobs-careers Slack channel! Let us know and share with your peers what helped you along your journey. 


00:02 : Introduction
01:20 : Part One: Internship Chat with Maggie Molen and Angela Patini
01:22   : Prior coding/CS experience
03:07   : Internship experience – company and job duties
09:26   : Tool/languages used in the internships
11:03   : Internship experience – most valuable thing learned
14:02   : Internship goal/ full-time offer
15:23   : Application process
20:57   : Interview process
26:24   : Referrals
29:06   : Resume/GPA/Pass-Fail Option
33:20   : Interview Prep
36:44   : Advice
41:53   : Part Two: Internship Chat with Angela Wen
41:55   : Internship experience – company and job duties
47:32   : Tool/languages used in the internship
50:35   : Internship experience – most valuable thing learned
52:30   : Similarity/difference between two internships
55:34   : Internship goal/ full-time offer
57:36   : Search for fall internship

That’s a wrap! 

Special thanks to:

Speakers: Angela Patini, Angela Wen, and Maggie Molen
Video editing & write-up: Krishna Morawala
Webmaster: Tim Chung
Event organizer and host: Xunjing Wu