Emily Parry, Associate Director of Professional Development and Networking for Penn Engineering, has created an MCIT Online folder in the SEAS Masters Program Resume Bank. If you have used your resume to apply for internships or new jobs after updating your document with relevant information from your experiences in the MCIT Online program, please consider sharing it with your peers! We are looking to grow the repository over time to help students update their personal documents using the most relevant samples we have available.

If you are willing to contribute, please email Emily a PDF copy of your resume (eparry@seas.upenn.edu). Feel free to anonymize your document and remove any information you do not want to share such as phone number or address.

Students must use their SEAS email to access the Drive. All of you should be able to log in to view this Google Drive via your SEAS email. In order to keep these resumes within SEAS, we will not respond to requests to gain access via other personal emails.  

MCIT Online Resume Webinar

Emily Parry conducted MCIT Online resume webinar on Thursday, February 20th 4:00 pm (EST) to share information on how to update the resume to highlight new technical skills, transferable skills, and rich professional experiences.

In case you missed it, below is the recording of the resume webinar.