As an MCIT student, you are probably thinking about your career goals such as how to pivot into the IT sector, which can be tricky. Having a mentor can help you navigate your career goals and keep you on the path to greatness.

Our Peer Mentorship Program can help connect you with a mentor who will help to share guidance and experience. All of our mentors are current MCIT students and who have taken at least three (3) courses, and they come from a variety of industries and domains. Most of all, they are passionate to help their peers succeed.

Mentors can be a much needed resource for mentees in navigating the MCIT program. For example, they can offer tips on work-life balance and preparation for interviews. All mentors at MCIT have expressed a desire to give back to the community and help those who were once in their shoes.

Mentoring sessions are private and confidential. However, when a student’s health or well-being is in question, they will report it to the proper MCIT rep to provide you (the mentee) with the best care possible.

If you are looking for a completely confidential resource, you can find a relevant list in the MCIT Onboarding & Ongoing Resources course.