As an MCIT student, you are progressing through your studies; hammering away at your keyboard, debugging that memory leak for the past ten hours and your significant other has not seen you since last week Sunday. But that’s the easy stuff. Thinking about your career goals though is far from being straightforward. Having a mentor can help you navigate your career goals and keep you on the path to greatness.

Our Peer Mentorship Program can help connect you with a mentor who will help to share guidance and experience. All of our mentors are MCIT students and have taken at least three (3) courses and come from a variety of industries and domains, but most of all, a drive to help their peers, like you find the answers beyond the class.

Mentors can provide a much needed resource for mentees in helping to navigate MCIT, offer tips on work/life balance and prepare for interviews, jobs, etc. Mentors at MCIT have expressed a desire to give back to the community and help those who were once in their shoes.

Mentoring sessions are private and will not be discussed with fellow students. However, when a student’s health or well-being are in question, they will report it to the proper MCIT rep to provide you (the mentee) the best care.

If you are looking for a completely confidential resource, you can find a list in the MCIT Onboarding & Ongoing Resources course.