MOSA General Representatives represent their cohort and work to help MOSA carry out its mission and support the Executive Board, by: listening to and liaising with the student body and individual cohorts; working together with the Secretary to liaise with university administration and work towards resolutions and improvements; and creating events designed to build community within and amongst cohorts to reach the entire student body.

Meet the General Representatives

Christopher Nguyen Jr
General Representative (Summer 2019)
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Shari Sinclair
General Representative (Fall 2019)
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Brian Ready
General Representative (Spring 2020)
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General Representative (Fall 2020)
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Gender Diversity in Computation (GDC)​

MOSA Gender Diversity in Computation (GDC)​ aims to promote leadership, community, and wellness among women and other gender minorities in computer science. GDC Representative will work to support the success of all members of the gender spectrum who feel that the term “​gender minority in computation​” applies to them. GDC is intended to be a haven for underrepresented genders in CS and tech to organize, network, brainstorm, and voice their needs.

Bridging the Ethnic Divide in Tech (BEDT)​

MOSA Bridging the Ethnic Divide in Tech (BEDT) aims to be a voice for underrepresented racial and ethnic minorities and hosts events catering to what its community members believe will help them succeed in the Tech space. BEDT aims to give its members the tools they need to build confidence, technical, and leadership skills they can use in the MCIT program as well as the technology workforce.

Andrea Mackie
BEDT Representative
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