We’re excited to announce that MOSA is an official partner with RippleMatch! RippleMatch uses AI to help busy students increase their exposure to career opportunities at top companies like Citadel, Pfizer, TripAdvisor, Amazon, Lyft, and more with just a one-off, free 5-minute account. No cover letters or extensive applications needed!

We realize how tough it can be to rely on endless online applications and limited personal connections. RippleMatch uses matching algorithms and a team of expert talent advisors, to match you directly to employers and fast-track you to first-round interviews. On average 60% of applications submitted through RippleMatch result in a first-round interview! Last year, RippleMatch had 945 hires and a total of 33,997 introductions!

As an official club partner, our members get access to virtual events and MatchPlus.

  • Virtual events will take place throughout the semester and will only be available to an exclusive group of students through this partnership.
  • MatchPlus is an added benefit where you will receive additional matches on top of the ones automatically generated by the tool. On average most students up getting about 25% more matches this way!

These perks will be automatically added to your account once you sign up using this MOSA link. Opportunities come and go on a rolling basis so the sooner you sign up, the more opportunities you will be exposed to!

Before signing up with RippleMatch, please be sure to join MOSA as an official member here and on slack (#mosa) to keep updated with RippleMatch-related events and other updates!

Do you still have more questions? Below are some FAQ’s published by RippleMatch:

What does RippleMatch do differently than Handshake, WayUp, etc.?
  • Unlike Handshake, RippleMatch is not a job board.
  • RippleMatch automates the job search process by matching students directly with potential first-round interviews. Therefore students don’t spend countless hours browsing and mass applying to jobs.
  • Think of it like a CommonApp; 1 account -> tons of roles.
Why should I sign up for RippleMatch?
  • Greater probability of landing that interview; employers receive curated batches of candidates instead of a sea of resumes through a job board.
  • Save time: RippleMatch’s matching software and career advisors effectively automate all the work you’d have to do on a job board whilst increasing your success rate.
  • Connect with great fit employers that don’t recruit on your campus.
Will I get annoying emails from RippleMatch if I make an account?
  • No, you will only get an email when there has been a match found specifically for you.
What do you mean I get matched with an employer?
  • Our matching software goes through all our employers and students to identify any great fit matches.
  • After that match is found you get notified via email so that you can accept or reject the opportunity.
  • If you accept, you’ll be given a few short supplemental questions to give you a chance to re-emphasize your fit and interest.
  • That will then allow our Talent Team to fast-track you to a first-round interview with a recruiter.
  • 60% of our accepted matches end up in a first-round interview.
What kinds of employers does RippleMatch work with?
  • RippleMatch has over a hundred employers on the platform ranging from Fortune 500s to high growth companies and even leading nonprofits.
  • We cover a big array of industries, but specialize in tech, consulting, finance, and nonprofit.
  • This Client+ document lists some of our primary clients
Does RippleMatch guarantee you a job?
  • No, you should still apply to jobs through other sources. However, RippleMatch is a free tool to help you get matched with tons of leading employers with only a 5-minute investment of your time creating an account.
How long does it take to get matched?
  • This may depend on your experiences, preferences, and even the time of year. Some students get their first match the same day they sign up, others may take a few weeks to receive that opportunity given that we only reach out when there’s a clear match for you.
Is this only for full-time jobs?
  • No, we specialize in both full-time roles and internships.
I saw a company I really liked on the website. How do I apply?
  • You can’t. RippleMatch is not a job board.
  • That said you can follow companies you’re interested in (go to the Discover page) to get notified with recruiting timelines and other interesting information.
This sounds too good to be true. I’m skeptical about the jobs RippleMatch has on the platform.
  • Don’t worry, RippleMatch is very selective when allowing new employers on the platform.
  • Potential employers have to go through a vetting process before they can start recruiting through the tool.
  • That’s why we work with teams such as S&P, Amazon, Pfizer, Under Armour, Accenture, Estee Lauder, Mastercard, etc.
What if I already have an account with RippleMatch? How can I get the official club partner benefits?
  • You can still get the official club partner benefits for being part of MOSA. Just respond/comment to the slack post and someone from MOSA should be able to help you get those benefits.